BOAH Lingerie was founded with a clear mission: to craft a collection of lingerie that is not only comfortable and supportive but also versatile, designed to embrace women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The vision extended to creating pieces that enhance a woman’s natural beauty with colours and patterns that reflect individuality. Their offerings include a range of plains and basic colours, all delicately trimmed with picot lacing.

The inspiration for BOAH's designs comes from the natural transitions seen in the environment, particularly the shift from the bright blue skies of summer to the softer lights and earthy tones of autumn. This change brings with it hues of soft browns, teals, and olive tones, reflecting the natural palette to which many people are subconsciously drawn. The founders of BOAH Lingerie believe that this connection to nature's palette is inherent, influencing preferences and feelings of beauty.

For example, one of the founders, with her brown/olive eyes, slightly tanned skin, and brunette hair, has always had a personal affinity for autumn. She is captivated by the colours that adorn the trees and forest floors, the soft ambers of the sunsets, and the delicate dawn light. This personal connection to autumn inspired her to infuse these hues into BOAH's first product release.

In this inaugural collection, BOAH has introduced a variety of mix-and-match patterns and plains across bralettes and briefs. The idea is to treat the body as a blank canvas, allowing individuals to adorn themselves in colours that resonate with their natural affinity to the seasonal changes in nature, enhancing their inner beauty and confidence.

To celebrate the essence of autumn, and admittedly with a bit of personal bias, BOAH Lingerie has announced a special discount on all autumn-themed plains and patterned bralettes and briefs. This promotion is an ode to all women who resonate with the rich, warm tones of autumn and is an invitation to embrace these colours in their daily wear.

Customers are encouraged to visit BOAH Lingerie online before the season transitions into winter to take advantage of these seasonal bargains and celebrate the beauty of autumn reflected in their choice of lingerie.


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