Did you know that the most popular chocolate bar in 1930 was Snickers (revealing an obsession here!)? Surprised? Did you also know that the most popular chocolate bar in 1930 was still Snickers? Some things just stay the same despite all the political, digital, and social changes since the 1930s.

As humans, we are terrible at predicting the future, scientifically proven across multiple disciplines. Never has it been more pronounced than today, where we've become an anxious mob fearful of the future. Perhaps this was brought on much more significantly from the lockdowns and fear mongering that existed during Covid (just an opinion). But we've become fearful now about wars, climate change, digital disruption, crime, inflation, home ownership, investment strategy, global and local politics, careers, kids, savings or debt, relationships, being canceled, psychological safety, social presence - the list goes on!

Why waste so much cognitive energy focusing on the unpredictable and largely uninfluenceable? We have no idea what the future holds, and being anxious about it is simply falling prey to a base human instinct designed to navigate the jungle, not modern life.

Perhaps it's time to stop predicting change and instead focus on what is likely to stay the same. As humans, we are much better at that - by focusing on what will stay the same, we experience solidity, a peace that comes through certainty.

BOAH Lingerie was born from many discussions from three generations of women searching for lingerie that provided softness, support, flexibility in terms of usage, shape, retention, and was at the same time feminine. Our products have been tested and extensively researched to find just the right fabric, patterns that enhance your natural features, and eco-friendly to boot.

So, in terms of focusing on certainty and peace of mind, we believe we have created a product that meets this criteria.

February 06, 2024 — BOAH Admin

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