The Story so far

BOAH & YOU The perfect partnership

A peep inside the world of BOAH reveals the result of endless conversations between four generations of diverse, interesting, experienced and inspiring women discussing their desire to produce lingerie that could be worn by all women despite generational differences.  Was this really possible?

As a starting point these discussions (often ending up in uncontrolled laughter) focussed on formulating a commonality between the generations to use as the basis for the design. And so, the partnership between women and BOAH began.

So what characteristics did this group of diverse, interesting, experienced, inspiring group of generational women come up with? 

What they found may not be a surprise to some, but it was comforting and humbling to find that despite the differences in years many constants remained. A number of agreed atttributes were formulated and outlined below:  

  • Women need and give support to one another and in fact thrive on it (despite the sometimes accompanied bemoaning)
  • Women seek comfort looking for it in the most diverse ways sometimes enduring hardships to maintain it
  • Women are the most charitable and giving human beings often times at the expense of their own well-being
  • Women seek nourishment for themselves, others and their environment (not always in that order)
  • Women are the most versatile creatures constantly adapting to their environment and are therefore known to change their minds (often)
  • Women are seen as complex but they say they epitomise simplicity.  At times they are bold and feel they can take on the world and yet at other times feel exceptionally vulnerable

Anchored to these attributes, BOAH has crafted a range of lingerie that is supportive, comfortable and nourishing for your body.  By providing OEKO-TEX certification, we ensure there are no substances that are harmful to your health.

At BOAH we use sustainable fabrication to look after our environment.  Our creations thoughtfully allow for versatility of use with bespoke patterns and colours that express your individuality in both bold and beautiful designs.  

Everlasting Styles

Timeless designs constructed with the future in mind for the woman you are. Discover our most sustainable collections of the season.